Actuator body and carriage are made from steel that can improve the rigidness of body and carriage


● Canbe fixed from the top and bottom without removing the cover

● Mounting datum plane designed on the side of the body

● Built in pin holes

Not easy.

Special steel strip cover sealing design can prevent dirt and foreign objiects from penetrating inside

Contour. High

Built in linear rail design, Straightness and Flatness are highly improved to ±0.02mm

Smaller size

Rudeced width that can be fited in the compact environments.


Self-lubricating design can achieve light load and 30000km maintenance free

Supply to surface

● The self-lubricating block has a capillary action to always store and supply, the lubricating oil.

● The self-lubricating block is installed between the sealing end cover and the rolling body, and is in direct contact with the channel, and the lubricating oil is supplied on the raceway, and the rolling body passes through the channel to provide lubrication.




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